The Everyday Power Of Meditation

Black African American businessman meditating on desk

There is something powerful about taking 30 minutes out of each day just to sit and think about absolutely nothing. I call this my moment of peace. I do it everyday, sometimes twice a day if I can find the time. I tend to do it either in the morning or around lunch time. If you think about how overactive our brains are it’s no wonder we drive ourselves into depression and stress overload. There is nothing like making a commitment to yourself for a “moment of silence” each day that can truly assist with this.

meditation photo erikaWhen I say silence that is exactly what I mean. I don’t mean go into a dark room and quietly think through all that you have to accomplish for the day. I mean, close your eyes, take a deep breath, feel the sun on your skin (if you can go outside) and just relax. I tend to enjoy doing this on a warm summer day on my balcony. I make a cup of tea, go out on my hammock and just let my mind take a brief moment to itself.

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Recent studies done at Wake Forest University show how powerful of a “drug” meditation and moments of silence are. Their research showed that consistent meditation reduced emotional pain by 44% and physical pain by 27%. On the flip side, pain being treated by morphine was only reduced by 22%.

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