Won’t He Do it! Tyrese’s Mom Is No Longer In Critical Condition

tyrese momIt’s been a week of highs and lows for singer and actor Tyrese. On one hand, he was riding high with the news that he had won the case of a woman who wrote an unauthorized book about his mother. But on the other hand, his mother has been in critical condition with the support of a breathing machine.

But after asking fans for prayers and seeing her not being able to breathe on her own for the last eight days, Tyrese’s mother, Priscilla Murry Gibson, is now out of critical condition.

Tyrese was ecstatic about her improvement and gave credit to the glory of God on his Instagram:

#Tb pic! I have the best news ever to share… I've witnessed the power and loving presence of GOD!!!! My Mother is no longer in critical condition…….. Glory be thy name the lord Jesus Christ is real….. I've literally witnessed a miracle…… We appreciate your prayers and outpouring of LOVE!!!!!! I've never had a doubt in my heart that God was real…… But it can ONLY be the power of the lord Jesus Christ that pulled her through…….. They took the tubes out, took her off of the the breathing machines and today for the first time in 8 days me and my mother TALKED….. Her first words were "Hi Son"…. My mother without saying will be my date to the GRAMMYs – to God be ALL the glory….

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