6 Common Shampoo Mistakes Naturals Make

colorful bottles of shampoo conditionerSo, you thought you had your regimen down to a science. NOT! There are some common mistakes in the shampoo process that a lot of naturals are making that lead to build-up and dry, frizzy curls.

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Let’s not waste time and get into the six common mistakes being made by naturals in the cleansing process.

1. You pre-poo with oil.

Pre-pooing is actually a great way to start the detangling process. However what’s not helpful is using heavy oils like coconut or castor oil as your pre-poo agent. While the purpose of the pre-poo is to help with tangles you also need to keep in mind that the whole point is to get your curls cleansed. Adding heavy oils prior to cleansing your curls is actually counterproductive considering that a lot of us are using sulfate free cleansers.  And if you’re only use sulfate free shampoo to remove the heavy oils and butters that we love to use then you attempting to style and hydrate dry curls.

2. You’re using shampoos that have heavy sealants in the ingredients.

Reading that product label is uber  important when choosing  products for your curls. As a matter of fact, the first five ingredients on the list are the most important. Products containing  heavy oils or butters within the first five ingredients on the label are actually counterproductive to the cleansing properties listed. Shampoo is not supposed to make your curls soft.

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