Refresh Your Personal Brand In 5 Easy Steps

Notepad with Personal Branding on office wooden table.You are constantly growing and achieving new things. The evolution of you deserves to be displayed in a manner that is suitable for such accomplishments.

Your personal brand is comprised of every touch point that allows others to shape perception about you. Some of those touch points are your personal appearance, communication style, and online presence, which largely influence your overall brand image.

When it comes to the presentation of self, there is no room for chance. Your packaging should always be as good as your substance…or better! Could it be time to refresh your brand image? These five steps will get you in tip-top shape.

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1. Clean up your social media profiles.

Your social media profiles should effectively tell your story. Take a look at your most recent posts and ask yourself, “Are these posts the best representation of me?”

In many ways, social media has become the new business card. Take pride in what you share and make sure that it is meaningful and has long-term value in your life.

2. Perfect your mini bio.

Who are you? That can be very challenging to answer in a few words, yet so critical to making a powerful first impression.

The words that you choose to describe yourself in your social media mini bios (or lack thereof) offer insight into your personality, brand style, and what’s important to you. Your mini bio in combination with your profile image and recent posts are key considerations that profile visitors use when deciding whether or not to connect with you.