4 Ways To Manage Diabetes On A Budget


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An unexpected diabetes diagnosis can be a shot to the wallet for anyone living on a tight budget.

If left untreated, diabetes can negatively affect the heart, kidneys and eyes as the disease progresses in severity. It could even lead to death. Physicians typically prescribe pills and insulin for patients to manage their diabetes. But, for those in college, living on a limited income or uninsured, medication can be pricey. And depending on the amount of insulin you need for your specific diabetes, this can contribute to how much money you spend monthly.

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Here are some ways to help manage your diabetes while living on a tight budget, regardless of your situation, according to one expert, Marisela Noorhasan, MD:

1. Exercise

Studies show that 30 minutes of exercise every day can increase insulin sensitivity. Therefore, you could take less amounts of insulin to control your glucose level. The exercises can vary from stretches, jumping jacks and stationary jogging, to weight lifting with cans of soup as your weights and dancing around the house.

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2. Herbs

Some herbs and foods can help with blood-sugar control. These include aloe, karalla, fenugreek, parsley, rosemary, eyebright and almond nuts. However, the Food and Drug Administration hasn’t approved many supplements in vitamin, herbal, mineral or spice form. So, be sure to discuss these foods before taking them for diabetes management. But, it’s OK to stay away from foods known to raise your glucose level, including candies, soda, rice and pasta.

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