Sloppy Drunk: The Dangers Of Binge Drinking

African American woman with glasses of beer

“Party, party, party, let’s all get wasted.” Let’s face it, alcohol is every where: music lyrics, music videos, movies and reality TV. Alcohol is ingrained in our social etiquette. A glass of wine with dinner, a glass of wine after a long work day, a beer at the game and a shot of tequila with your taco, maybe two, three or four. A few drinks later, your casual outing has turned into a sloppy mess. We have come to accept these socially approved drinking situations along with the drunkenness that can come from one too many. Binge drinking is #OnTrend, but is there any harm to overdoing it?

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Moderate alcohol consumption is 1 drink per day for women, totaling to no more than 8 drinks per week. As for men, moderate drinking is 2 drinks per day totaling to no more than 15 drinks per week.

One (1) drink = 12oz beer at 5% alcohol content ( AC) = 5oz wine at 12% AC = 1.5 oz hard liquor at 80% AC.

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