Keep It Fresh! DIY Toothpaste, Deodorant & Shaving Cream


mint toothpaste with toothbrush

It seems like I have more products in my cabinets than Walgreens has on their shelves. Can you relate? I always find myself trying the latest and greatest thing that’s advertised, and my bank account is dwindling by the moment. It seems that all these products do the same thing. Why not take what’s in your refrigerator and kitchen cabinets and start using it for your own good?

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Demario Mitchell, owner of Museum Walk Barbershop in Chicago, uses all natural products with his clients. He strongly believes that our bodies are temples and should receive the highest quality ingredients. If you look at the labels of your favorite products you’ll see a lot of funny-sounding ingredients. “Rio,” as his clients call him, says that you will recognize every ingredient that he uses in his products.

Ashley Gray, founder and creator of Lady Gray’s Butters, started her business in her very own kitchen. The financial implications of always finding the latest and greatest propelled her to entrepreneurship.

“I realized just how much of a financial investment I was making weekly for the new thing. Natural hair is big business and in a lot of cases it wasn’t even benefiting Black women.

Gray, a sufferer of eczema, also started making skin and hair products due to her condition. She stated that a lot of the products that she was using before were potentially harmful.

“I wanted to be conscious of how the products impacted my skin. I have eczema, so I’m conscious of how alcohol, (which is in many products) impacts that. Also, if I’m completely unfamiliar with an ingredient, chances are my body is probably not missing it. I’ve always loved hair and skin products. It just made sense to make one that could be customized for each person. Our bodies aren’t the same, therefore how to take care of them has to be unique too.”

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Take a lesson from these two beauty alchemists and try your hand at these natural and inexpensive recipes for toothpaste, deodorant and shaving cream.