My Story: After MS Robbed Her Of Mobility, She Hiked A Mountain

Angela White MS GirlTrek

In 2002, I had just landed a dream job that combined my love of learning with college students and a grounding in how faith shapes who we are, how we understand life and the world around us, as well as how we prioritize based upon those factors and understandings. I was already struggling with uncertainty and no small amount of self-doubt and fear because I was the the youngest member of the faculty, the newest, the only one without a PhD, and the only Black person outside of the chef who prepared meals for the students.

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Angela White MS GirlTrek

Fall 2008

Although there had been some indications that my body and mind were struggling—the sense of being overwhelmed and tired no matter how much rest I got; the cramp in my leg that developed as I stepped off a stair, lasted for a week, and that left a bruise that lasted another two weeks—it wasn’t until a Wednesday that fall (late September/early October) that I grew concerned because there was  a “hole” in my vision; a place in which no matter where I looked, no matter how many drops I used, or how much I cleaned my glasses, nothing was visible.