Wearing The Right Size Bra Can Be Life Changing

Pink Bra

Eighty percent of women, according to studies, wear the wrong bra size. Let my co-worker tell it, apparently, I was one of them. I’d been wearing the same bra size for at least the last 20 years and didn’t think anything of it. It wasn’t until my oh-so discreet co-worker walked right up on me, poked me in my left breast and told me my bra was too small. Word? I had no idea, but after I went into the restroom to check for myself it did appear that my breasts were bubbling up out the top of my cups like a piece of fried bologna. Not a good look!I had a professional bra fitting done a few days after that and learned that she was right – my bra was too small. A woman’s bra size changes an average of six times during her life. “A woman’s body goes through so many changes over the years: adolescence, pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, illness, weight gain/loss.  All of these factors contribute to changes in our bra size,” Jennifer O’Connell, a Lingerie Styling Expert at Rigby & Peller (formerly Intimacy) told BlackDoctor.org.

In a recent study done by Rigby & Peller, 96% of women said they felt more confident in a properly fitted bra. O’Connell explained, “Perfectly fitted lingerie makes women feel more comfortable and more beautiful. Women walk out of our fitting rooms with their shoulders back and their heads held high.”

Speaking of shoulders, a common point of pain with ill-fitting bras, it’s all in the straps when it comes to finding a bra with the right support. Only 10 percent of breast support should come from the shoulder straps. The other 90 percent of support should come from the bra band. Lift comes from underneath, according to O’Connell, so it’s important for the bra band to fit snug against the skin.

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