‘Mommy I Love You’; Mom Shares Last Texts From Son During Mass Shooting

“It’s just, I got this feeling,” she said as she waited. “I got a bad feeling.”

Those are the words of Mina Justice, mother of Eddie Jamaldroy Justice, one of the victims from the gruesome mass shooting at a nightclub in Orlando on Saturday, June 11th. She waited for hours before her son’s name showed up on an official list of the dead, which, by early Monday, included the names of only 10 of the 50 people shot and killed.

Mina was sleep when she first heart the string of notifications on her phone. But when she saw what her son was typing, she immediately got concerned and feared the one thing that all parents fear: that their child would die before them.

“Mommy I love you,” was a text message she received at 2:06 a.m.