5 Steps To A Healthier Morning Meal

healthy breakfast options

(BlackDoctor.org) — The path to healthier eating (and a healthier, thinner body) begins first thing in the morning. Before you rush out the door for a busy day, remember how important it is to “break” the “fast”.


Your body is sluggish and sleepy from a night’s rest and is still conserving calories – not burning them. Having a good, well-balanced breakfast can jump start your metabolism and keep your appetite under control for the rest of the day.

Breakfast doesn’t have to be complicated and luxurious – unless you want it to be. Think a little carbohydrate – whole grain toast, an English muffin, or even milk, and a little protein. Protein can come from peanut butter, egg, cheese, or even sliced deli meat. The combination of carbohydrates and protein will give you a boost of energy that will keep you going for a few hours.

Here are a few ideas to help you start and keep the habit of eating the most important meal of the day:

• Think Ahead. Prepare a quick and easy breakfast casserole the night before and pop it into the oven while getting dressed.  Before you know it you’ll have a hot, healthy breakfast for everyone.

• Bake During the Weekend. Bake bran muffins on Sunday and during the week keep them in a basket or in the refrigerator so they are easy to grab and go.

• Make A Shake or Smoothie.  In the freezer section of the grocery store there are a variety of pre-packaged fruit and yogurt smoothie mixes that you can just throw into the blender and have ready to go in a matter of minutes.

• Get Creative When You’re In A Hurry. Make pancakes or waffles early in the week and keep in the freezer. Add some peanut butter or cream cheese and low-sugar preserves and eat on the go.

• Don’t Forget About Traditional (and easy) Favorites. Cold and hot cereal only take a minute to prepare and are easy to keep on the pantry shelf.  Just remember to buy cereals that are high in fiber (2g fiber per serving or more) and have some protein.

Sugary, sweet cereals will not fill you up and will cause you to be hungry quicker.

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