5 Habits To Protect Your Face From Breakouts


African American woman curly hair covering face

I am a self-proclaimed product junkie when it comes to skin products. I have spent so much money testing out skin products and buying new ones in a never ending quest to figure out what works best and can help me have healthy and glowing skin.

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But, in doing some recent research about skin and how to proactively manage my skin so I have minimal breakouts, I came across some ‘free ways’ to help keep my skin acne free and healthy. I’m sharing them with you as well. The best part is that these tips will help to make make your skin routine easy without having to invest in new products.

Check them out:

1. Sleep on your back versus your stomach. I was petrified to learn that when you sleep on your pillowcase, you actually increase your chance of having acne issues and skin breakouts. There are a lot of things on your pillowcase that are not so good for your face. Your dead skin cells, which you shed regularly, along with bacteria, oil and dirt are all present on your pillowcase. This happens even if you are washing your pillowcases on a regular basis.

And guess where these things go when you sleep face down? You got it. They go right onto your face causing breakouts and acne issues. But, if like me, you are a hardcore stomach sleeper here is an alternative. You can lay a fresh, clean towel on top of your pillow each night. This will help to protect your face and keep those dead skin cells, bacteria and oil away from that pretty face of yours.

2. Use one towel for your face and make sure it is not your body towel. It can be tempting when you step out of your bath or shower to just use one towel to dry off your entire body including your face. But, this is why you should err on the side of having a facial towel that you use only for your face.

Using your body towel on your face increases your chances of having an acne outbreak. The oil, lotions and dirt that may be present on your body towel can be moved from your body to your face. This causes those…