5 Tips For Surviving Finals Week

African American male college student libraryCollege can create strenuous amounts of stress on students. This is due to busy schedules, heavy course loads and balancing their social life. However, one of the most stress-bearing times for students is finals week. As the fall semester comes to a close, student begin preparing for their course exams. The upcoming weeks to finals, and finals week itself, can be a difficult time for students to manage. Sleep schedules are often neglected, eating habits are often failed, and overall health is strained. These draining habits can be avoided by practicing some simple tips.

Get started early. Students are made aware of their exam dates in advance, therefore students should begin their preparation early. Getting a head start will allow you to not be crammed up last minute and give you the ability to allocate your time to other courses. Breaking up your work can lead to more focused studying and an increased ability to retain information. Create a to-do list or a schedule to help keep your studies organized.

Rest adequately. Sometimes, students are led to believe that more productivity comes when pulling “all-nighters.” All-nighters are when students stay up all night with no rest, but ultimately this is far less productive. Your body needs rest in order to process and retain information. Sleep is a crucial factor for human function, so when the body is deprived even the slightest, it can affect memory, judgement and mood, per the American Psychological Association. Create a schedule in order to avoid sacrificing your rest, but if needed a quick power nap will work wonders.