5 Ways To Organize Your Life With ADHD

daily plannerAre you an adult struggling with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)? You’re not alone. It’s estimated that four million adults have ADHD – and while it can be difficult to focus on certain tasks, it’s not impossible. It just requires more effort. Judith Kolberg, author of the book Conquering Chronic Disorganization, assures us there’s no such thing as becoming perfectly organized, but small changes can bring more order to your life. Here are five tips to help you run your life with ADHD and not let it run you!

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1. Declutter your environment.

The more clutter you have in your life, the more difficult it is to focus because as you stare at that tall stack of papers on your desk, you start feeling overwhelmed and anxious. An organized environment helps those with ADHD to feel calm and when you feel calm, you’re focused and able to function much more effectively.