Bishop Eddie Long Loses Weight By Ditching The ‘Slave Menu’

bishop eddie long
Bishop Eddie Long hasn’t been heard from much since his sexual allegations in 2010 that ended in a closed door settlement. The Bishop has been last seen publically on the Steve Harvey talk show where he addressed the allegations (well, what he could legally talk about) and his bout with suicide.

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But now the Bishop is back with a new look and video showing off a much slimmer physique. You can literally see it in his face, neck and body that he’s lost a considerable amount of weight. At first glance you may think he might be sick, but he addresses that rumor and more in a recent Facebook video below.

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“I said to my congregation I’m gonna live to be 100 years old…But I wasn’t going to get there [to age 100] by stopping by Popeye’s. That was my weakness,” Long says. “The biscuits with honey and the chicken wings, spicy.”

“Many of us are still eating from a ‘slave menu.’ You need to check that out,” explains Bishop. “Because if it wasn’t meant to be ingested… in order to reboot my body.”

“I have gone total raw vegetable. And so, I’m somewhat of a vegan…and it’s really, really given me a lot of energy.”

“I don’t want all that weight, I want health. I’m on zero medication. My blood pressure is 120/80. I used to take blood pressure medication and pills for years, but I am on zero medication.”

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