‘Fro Zen: Winter Hair Prep

smiling african american woman standing outside in the winterThe winter is on its way, and if you live in the North its basically already here. Christmas music, candy canes, gifts, snow……split ends, brittle hair, hair battles with hats, hair snags from coat zippers – you catch my drift. It’s not all fun in the sun and snow these days. Don’t let all of your hair goals go down the drain now that the frigid weather is upon us. With a little more tender love and care, your hair can thrive through the winter as well.

Hot Oil Treatments 

Not only is it relaxing to run warm, moisturizing goodness through your hair and scalp, it’s a great way to pre-treat your hair prior to a good wintertime shampoo. This makes sure that your hair doesn’t completely dry out from cleansing it. Try coating your hair with olive oil and sit with either a hot towel or heating cap on your head for 15-30 minutes before rinsing out.

Condition and Then Condition Some More

Finding a good conditioner is key to keeping your hair soft, manageable and strong. Make sure you are balancing your conditioner use between both a moisturizing and protein-based formula. If you aren’t one to use both a deep and leave-in condition, you should certainly reconsider it at least for the winter months. Find a light leave in that won’t weigh your locks down, but still gives it that added bit of moisture. I particularly like to use…