7 Keys To Defeating Low Self Esteem

African American woman on beachSelf esteem reflects your overall emotional evaluation of your own worth. Low self esteem results from a lack of seeing your worth, or seeing anything good in your self. It can result from seeing yourself in the light of your weaknesses and not acknowledging your strengths.

The following will help you defeat low self esteem:

1.Realize that your battle is in your mind.

If you win the battle in your mind, you are set! Do not accept all the negative thoughts about yourself that may flood your mind. The truth is, you are not that bad. When those negative thoughts about how awful you are come up, cast them down. Learn to change wrong narratives that may be in your head. The Bible says you are fearfully and wonderfully made. God made you for a reason and no matter what you have gone through, your experiences do not define you as a person. Read uplifting books. Listen to motivational teachings. God made you and God is always right. God did not make a bad product.

2. Watch your associations.

Are your friends people who do not see the good in anything, let alone themselves, or you? Well, it is time to make new ones. Are you in an abusive relationship? Seek help and get out! Do your friends put you down? Then they do not deserve to be your friends. Do your parents tell you that you will never amount to anything? Do not internalize that message; do not let it sink into your heart (this is where the scriptures help). Start to associate with people who will lift you up. I am not talking about surrounding yourself with flatterers or “yes-men.” I am talking about true friends who see you for who you are and still see the good in you. Your associations can make or break you.