Natural Hair: Detangling Made Easy

African American woman big natural hairLet’s face it. Your natural hair journey is probably not all you thought it would be. Yes, it,s fun to do a length check every several months, but what about the daily routine? What about wash day?! Do you dread having to detangle your hair? I know I do. Though the results are beautiful, don’t be discouraged if you aren’t as motivated as you should be to comb your hair. Here are a few tips to help cut down the detangling time.

1. Section It Off

Curly hair loves to clump together, which is simply counterproductive when trying to keep your hair detangled. Try separating your hair into 4-6 sections before detangling. Be sure to twist or braid the section up once you have completely combed it out. This prevents the hair from re-tangling.

2. Conditioner Is Your Best Friend

Buy out the entire aisle! I am telling you, this is going to be your number one staple on wash day. Use as much as you want and slather it on before you begin detangling. Conditioner helps give your strands the slip they need to easily get through your brush/comb. It also helps prevent breakage.

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