4 Reasons To Steer Clear Of Romance In The Workplace

As innocent and convenient as it may seem to let a little flirtation with a co-worker turn into something a bit more, you might find it’s not worth the headache. I mean, most people spend the majority of their lives at work. The people you at your job can often see your more than your family. Romantic relationships in the workplace aren’t farfetched, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t messy.

The following might be reasons you need to consider before you partake in that “lunch date.”

1. Who Are They Really?

Have you ever spent time with this person outside of work? If not, it’s hard to really know who you are getting to know. Most people spend the majority of their time in the office figuring out who they want their work persona to be. Corporate culture practically encourages the fake personality you learn to have every day when you walk into the office. So how are you to know if you TRULY like this person, or if you just are crushing on the person at work? #Workbae might just be that someone you like only at work.

2. Favoritism

If you work on the same team or in the same division of the company, it could be a conflict of interest especially if you are in management. People on your team might feel that you show the person you like more favoritism simply because of the relationship you two share. No longer will your agreements with their opinions or ideas be simply that; most people will assume it’s a biased perspective.