Former NBA Star Chris Webber Becomes First-Time Dad After 8 Years Of Trying!

(Photo Credit: MrsErikaWebber Instagram)

Five-time NBA All-Star and retired pro basketball player Chris Webber has done a lot in his career. Webber went to two straight NCAA national championships with the “Fab Five” Michigan Wolverines and transformed the franchise of the Sacramento Kings. Today, he is one of the best NBA analysts around, filling chairs on TNT and NBA TV.

But he just achieved one of the biggest milestones in his life, just in time for Father’s Day: He became a first time dad!

Webber and wife Erika Dates Webber just welcomed their twins into the world, but not without a fight--an eight year long fight at that!

Webber captioned the post, “So thankful. After many years of trying and more than a few heartbreaks we were blessed with these little ones. Thank you @mrserikawebber.”

(Photo credit: RealChrisWebber Instagram)

Dates Webber also posted this beautiful photo of the family on Instagram with the following inspirational message: “Grateful… 7 years waiting for our family to grow, and we were double blessed. Never underestimate the power of prayer, even when “they” tell you it’s impossible… All in his time. Thank you to all of our family and friends and even strangers who shared our journey and kept us encouraged.”

(Photo credit: MrsErikaWebber instagram)

“But it’s amazing just seeing something that’s your own grow and develop,” Webber tells Esquire. I’m just in awe. I’m just happy. Most days is laughing and crying at the fact that something like