Maia Campbell: From The Bottom Up

Beautiful actress Maia Campbell seems to have had a rocky road towards stardom. She burst onto the scene in the LLCool J-led sitcom, In The House. Then her mother, famed writer, Bebe Moore Campbell, passed which sent the young star into a series of downward spirals. From alleged prostitution for drugs and money, there have many reports and verifiable pictures and videos of Campbell’s arrests and escapades.

Everything seemed to have fallen apart after she stopped treatment for her bipolar disorder, turned to drugs, and was arrested multiple times. Viral videos that appeared on the Internet showed Maia disheveled and acting erratically.

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In 2010, Maia was arrested for theft and sent to a mandatory mental health facility.

After battling bipolar disorder and a drug addiction, Maia got her life back on track by living at a residential treatment center before transitioning to living on her own. She was reportedly sober for at least two years.

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During that time, she did an interview with the Tom Joyner Morning Show where she discussed how her life had turned around.

“I’m fine, I’m blessed, I’m great. I’m doing excellent,” said Campbell.“Things have been really, really good. They’ve all turned around. I’ve been blessed enough to get my own place. I’ve been spending time with my family. I’ve been in good health. I’ve just been counting my blessings. I’ve been attending church and going to meetings. I’ve been keeping my place clean, I’ve been driving and I’ve been doing some things in the entertainment industry.”

Campbell’s bipolar disorder and drug usage were topics of conversation during an episode of Iyanla: Fix My Life in 2012. “There’s a lot of pain that goes into my story, a lot of issues with my mom,” she told Iyanla Vanzant. “A lot of times when I was out there running the streets, I bumped into the wrong person and they brought me down.”

In 2016, Maia was seen working again on television in multiple shows including BET’s From The Bottom Up and seemingly making strides to being the star many had hoped for.

But in 2017, a video surfaced that left many of us heartbroken. The video was of Campbell, who was visibly frail and ranting, with teeth missing, and asking for drugs. This just caused new rumors of drug abuse to start circling around.

When the video of Maia Campbell was first published, it was hard to tell if the video was old and someone just wanted fifteen minutes of fame. However, it turns out the video is indeed recent and it’s incredibly sad to see the In The House star has relapsed.

Atlanta rapper T-Hood shared a video of Campbell as she was pumping his gas and explaining the details of how a man allegedly raped her. She’s also seen asking him for drugs in the video.

The video showing Campbell had relapsed got the attention of In The House co-star and rapper, LL Cool J, who tweeted: