Give Birth to a New You in the New Year

As 2017 nears it’s close, it’s an excellent time to take inventory of the blessings and breakthroughs you’ve enjoyed, the challenges and difficulties you persevered through, and the manner in which you confronted, resolved, and learned from the many things that happened in your life over the past year. For many of us, this is also an excellent time to reevaluate our paradigms and explore our belief system. Know that doing so can create an incredible inflection point and facilitate a mindfulness shift that can prompt you to dedicate yourself to ending any unhealthy cycles that may have consumed your thoughts, high jacked your emotions, or threatened your sense of purpose and connection to the life you deserve and are able to create in the coming year.

As you prepare yourself for the new possibilities the New Year will bring, it is important to take note of the enormous power inherent in the thoughts you think, the beliefs you hold, and your willingness to stretch beyond where you are and consistently reach for where you are to be. These three points of potential are major keys in exercising the levers that help us get free. For our lives are created from the inside out and whether we realize it or not, each of us has the innate capacity to loosen the chains that bind us and make them work for, rather than against us. The deliberate application of these three approaches can position each of us to be and live empowered.

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