3 New Great & Upcoming Auto Technology Cars

Eighteen months ago, FirstElement announced plans to build 19 stations in California in 2015. Hurdles such as permitting and equipment issues have slowed that timeline, but not Ewanick’s enthusiasm.

“These issues happen,” Ewanick told Automotive News. “If we were opening a Starbucks we’d still have issues.”

FirstElement has 13 True Zero stations in operation now, mostly clustered in the Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay areas. Ewanick hopes to have the rest of the 19 done by early next year. That would give True Zero a dominant share of the market in California; there are just six other retail hydrogen stations not owned by the company.

Ewanick: “These issues happen.”
The timing is important because the vehicles are already here. Toyota has sold 210 Mirai sedans in California and Hyundai has about 100 fuel cell Tucsons leased to customers. Honda’s second-generation Clarity FCV goes on sale this year.