5 Black Fitness & Wellness Tours To Add To Your 2018 Calendar

In the peak of a self-realization moment, I couldn’t help but think: Dang, winter will soon be gone. I quickly switched my thought to all my goals I just scribbled on my list at the top of the new year. And no, it wasn’t the typical lose weight, save money mantra. I wanted this year to be different because it was in fact, different.

A lot of things changed in my mindset and day-to-day life at the end of 2017. For me, I can now see it was gearing me up for a fulfilling 2018. All of the hardships, mistakes, over-consumption, vanity, and outwardly-conscious living put me in a state of emergency and my mind, body, and soul were literally crying for help.

So, I did the typical millennial thing and took to social media to see how others were living their lives. I thought: Hey, maybe someone can inspire me on how I wanted to continue my new journey and accomplish my goals. I purposefully looked for meaningful individuals who were consciously, holistically and unapologetically living… and what I discovered, was so much more.

I came across so many black and beautiful travelers, yogis, dance classes, fitness programs, and wellness pop-ups, it was crazy. And what made it even better, they were either in or coming to a city nearby me! I got so hyped, I had to share…

Check out these 5 Black Fitness & Wellness Tours To Add To Your 2018 Calendar:

Supernatural Wellness Pop-Up Tour

Created by three holistic leaders in the wellness community, Francheska Medina, Maryam Hasnaa and Yeradmi joined forces to bring

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