Defining Blackness (part 1 of 3): Will Black Excellence Ever Trump Whyt Mediocrity?

“I just wanted to remind everybody that the only thing more frightening than watching a black man be honest in America….is being an honest black man in America” – Dave Chappelle, Grammy Awards 2018

Well, Dave, I guess I’m about to frighten a few folks. I’m about to be one of the most frightening spectacles they’ll ever see. From here on out I’ll let my conscience do all the typing.

‘You know what the real problem is with you black people? You’re uneducated, jobless, lazy, thieving and morally bankrupt thugs. Just a bunch of weed smoking, welfare using, baby mama having gangstas with your pants hanging off your butt. Let’s be real, black people are always looking for a handout. Black people always have excuses as to why they can’t get ahead. They are the scum of our society. A country, hell maybe even a world without them, would serve us best.’

Are you done? Any more you’d like to share? Because we’ve heard it ALL before. Each and every possible stereotype of black people. This disgustingly, ignorantly broad generalization of an entire people has been projected through every form of media and communication for centuries. Do you want to know what’s more jarring than these stereotypes though? Being a black person who shatters them effortlessly, flawlessly, gracefully, and swagfully.

The byproduct of accomplishing such a feat is popularly regarded as Black Excellence, and it is a frightening combination. Black AND excellent? Wait, you mean to tell me