Does Water Improve Cellulite?

Let’s state the facts. Cellulite is fat that accumulates under the surface of the skin. It occurs when the underlying fat deposits begin to push against the layers of connective tissue, giving it a dimply, less than smooth appearance. Men and women can get cellulite but it’s most common in women due to hormonal changes.

Cellulite can also be hereditary so chances are if your mother has cellulite you probably will too. Age is a factor as well because as we get older, the skin loses elasticity. Cellulite is usually but not always found on the thighs (sometimes referred to as “cottage cheese thighs”), hips and buttocks and can occur in people who are thin as well as overweight.

People with a higher percentage of body fat versus having lean muscle mass are likely to have cellulite. Drinking water does help but is not the only answer.

What causes cellulite? There can be several contributing factors.

1. A sedentary lifestyle: People who are sedentary are more likely to have less l