The Gentlemen’s Factory: A Safe Space For Men Of Color

The Gentlemen’s Factory is a workspace and community founded in 2016 by Jeff Lindor in response to a “trend seen with men of color growing in isolation but not in community”. Jeff, Founder and CEO, saw this company as a means to encourage men to “learn, build, and connect with each other while closing gaps in health, wealth, and economics for Black men.”

In an interview, Jeff shares how profound conversations are not hard to come by at the Gentlemen’s factory. Discussions on trauma, racism, and its ramifications in adulthood, especially for current and future fathers raising young boys of color are examples of the tough discourse occurring in this workspace.

United through a shared lens, members get to speak openly about their experiences as Black males while taking part in membership programming that enhances opportunities to promote growth and overall health.

On January 26, 2019, the Gentlemen’s Factory did what it does best, push the envelope by hosting an open forum discussion on mental health with its members and the community.

The topic,“ Get your Mental Health Checkup – Doctors Orders,” was presented by Dr. Magdala Chery, a board-certified

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