#TakeNoteTuesday: 7 Ways To Recognize A Confident Woman

“Her confidence is crazy!” When you read that statement I bet someone specific came to mind. Who did you think of, your mom? Your favorite political activist, actress, artist? Did you think of yourself? The confident woman is one who cannot be looked over.

There’s something about their presence that exudes ‘#Goals’. Although we should try our best not to compare ourselves to others, sometimes it’s helpful to adopt similar habits of the people we admire in order to become our best selves. Here are 7 of those habits that come with a confident woman:

1 – She Asks the Right Questions

Confident women are from the “show me” state; you have to make believers out of them. Their favorite question is “why?”. It’s not because they’re difficult or confrontational, but because if she’s going to do something, it’s got to be right and it has to make sense. That means she’s not afraid of speaking up if old ways of thinking don’t work for her current vision. However, she’s also not afraid to admit when she’s wrong and needs to start over again.