Fun Outdoor Activities To Try This Summer

Yes, we all love our A/C. However, sitting indoors all summer can get monotonous and very boring. The sun is out and the heat is made for fun. The great outdoors awaits us this summer and it only lasts until September! Can’t seem to picture yourself out and about? Consider this list of 6 outdoor activities to try this summer.

See Outdoor or Drive-In Movies
Big and little cities are making a huge move towards outdoor movie watching. From quaint rooftops, lush green parks, and even cemeteries, Movies In The Park is the place to be each summer. Live in a smaller town? Check local listings for drive-in movie theatre locations!

Visit the Zoo or Themed Parks
The summer is a great time to do things you normally wouldn’t do, like going to see tigers randomly at your local Zoo or trying that ride at Six Flags you’ve been scared to

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