Breast Cancer Action Month: 10 Things You Can Do To Take Action!

It’s October and I am definitely painting it pink. I am blessed to celebrate 8 years of survivor/thrivership on October 20th. I am wearing my pink shoes and talking breast health everywhere I go, at Starbucks, in line at the grocery store, at the playground with my granddaughters, even in business meetings where I am the only woman in the room. But the truth is, I fight this fight every day, not just in October.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a bit like Black History Month. We get the attention and recognition but guess what? Just like Black people are Black all year long, Breast Cancer warriors, survivors and thrivers deal with breast cancer every day. Breast Cancer has no time parameters, does not adhere to medical standards of care and is purposed to kill.

I’m a marketer by trade and in marketing discipline, generating awareness is a marketing tactic. Let’s change the label to Breast Cancer Action Month. We need to change the behavior around how our world deals with breast cancer.  Generating awareness is just one tactic towards that goal. My fight is for a world without breast cancer!

African American women are at high risk and are unnecessarily dying of

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