A Lifelong Relationship With Dove

My relationship with Dove products is one that started before I can remember. My mother always kept Dove soap in the house and refused to use any other brand. Her reason? Dove was just the best soap she’d ever used. She liked that it was gentle enough not to leave our skin dry but also cleansed the skin thoroughly. Growing up, the classic Dove Beauty Bar and pink bar were what was always stocked in the linen closet.

Many of us, being creatures of habit, rarely venture away from the products that we grew up with because we’re so familiar with them. I, however veered away from my beloved Dove products for a short time during my undergraduate career. As a broke college student, I typically grabbed whatever was on sale and kept it moving. I missed the quality of Dove soaps so I went back to it a few years ago. After trying other soap brands I can honestly say Dove is the best for me. I, much like my mother, value any soap that does not leave my skin feeling extremely dry after use. Dove doesn’t even label their bar soap as a typical soap but as a beauty bar. I think this is an important distinction because it tells me that Dove isn’t trying to just make sure I’m clean. They want to make sure I feel good and beautiful too.

I began using the sensitive skin products about a year ago. I’d had an appointment with my gynecologist and as we were talking she mentioned that there should be no scented soaps coming in contact with my lady parts. She told me the best option was a soap that was designated for sensitive skin. Of course, Dove was the first brand I checked for a sensitive skin soap and of course they had me covered. This was not only beneficial to me, but to my four year old daughter who has eczema. Luckily her eczema isn’t severe, but I noticed the effect that different soaps had on her skin. Some would completely dry her out and others would cause breakouts.