Eating Too Much Sugar Affects Your Mental Health. Here’s How…

It’s not a new revelation that sugar is bad for our health. High sugar intake leads to high BMI, obesity, a decline in oral hygiene, and diabetes. However, what’s not often discussed is the significant impact of a high sugar diet on mental health.

There is conclusive research on the negative impact it can have on mood, comprehension, and the way people view life. More importantly, research shows that a diet filled with too many sweet-based foods can have a negative impact on mental well-being.

Here we’ve listed 3 ways a high sugar diet can affect mental health, along with some ideas to help make changes now!

1. Depression & Schizophrenia

The rapid fluctuation of blood sugar can exacerbate mood disorders. Researchers have found that high sugar can lead to an increased susceptibility of depression and worsen outcomes in schizophrenia patients. Interestingly, countries with

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