Fruit On Your Face? 5 Reasons To Say Yes!

fruit displayed on a grocery store shelf( — Reading the ingredients on some skin care products could lead you to believe that the manufacturers ran out of supplies and decided to improvise with produce. Items such as orange, apple and pomegranate are finding their way into an increasing number of skin care products.

The timing of this trend suspiciously coincides with rising interests in alternative and natural lifestyles. And although companies may be including fruit extracts for the sake of profits, you should consider using them for the sake of the benefits.

What’s Wrong With Traditional Skin Care Products?

The idea that fruit can help resolve skin care issues is not likely to set well with everyone. Natural solutions are just too simple for some people. They would rather put their faith in products with complicated ingredients that a person must struggle to pronounce. That’s unfortunate, because an increasing amount of evidence suggests that some synthetic ingredients can do more harm than good. Fruit extracts, on the other hand, are proving themselves beneficial not only when eaten, but also when worn. We’re not saying to trash the cleanser you’ve used for years. But, it’s important to know you have options, and to incorporate some natural ingredients, if you can.

Believing that fruit extracts can benefit you is somewhat pointless if you don’t know the different purposes that different ingredients serve. Here’s some help:


Pomegranate extract is found in items such as toners, cleansers, and masks. This ingredient is included for a number of reasons, such as fighting acne and acting as an anti-inflammatory. Its pigment is loaded with antioxidants, making it a great choice when looking for a product to neutralize free radicals. Pomegranate seed oil is an excellent moisturizer and an ideal ingredient if you suffer from dry skin. Furthermore, research suggests that pomegranate extract helps to reduce UV damage and the risk of skin cancer.


If you can’t seem to eat an apple a day, you can still enjoy some of the fruit’s benefits by way of cosmetic products. Since apples are highly acidic, products containing this fruit’s extract are good if you have oily skin because the ingredient helps to promote balance. The acidity also makes apple extract a good exfoliator, as you may notice when shopping for such products. Two other benefits of apple extract are that it slows the aging of both the hair and the skin.

And, if you need an endorsement, hopefully Michelle Obama is good enough. The First Lady has admitted to being a fan of PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica , a anti-aging product made from the stem cells of apples.


Pineapple extract is found in products such as scrubs, serums and cleansers. Due to its moisturizing and anti-aging properties, pineapple extract is included in some skin care products to promote a healthy, youthful appearance. This is another fruit noted for it great exfoliating properties, especially when damaged skin cells are the issue. Research suggests that one of pineapples’ active ingredients, bromelain, interferes with the growth of tumors and malignant skin cells. Furthermore, the fruit’s extract has anti-fungal, purifying and anti-inflammatory abilities and it is sometimes used to treat burns.


Likely to be one of the most popular citrus fruits, oranges are another fruity friend of our skin. Due in large part to the Vitamin E content, orange extract is included in skin care products that aim to reduce wrinkles. The fruit’s astringent properties make it a worthy ingredient to consider when looking for a cleanser for oily skin or products to fight acne. Orange extract also has bleaching properties, so it is often included in products designed to fade the appearance of blemishes and other types of discoloration.


Blueberries are considered one of the super foods… and apparently ingestion isn’t required to reap all of the rewards. Loaded with antioxidants, this fruit is another highly effective scavenger of free radicals. Blueberry extract has shown an ability to promote speedier healing of the skin. Hence, the inclusion of this ingredient in some products recommended for use after chemical peels. Blueberry extract has earned a reputation as having the ability to reduce scarring. The rich coloring of this fruit is also believed to provide protection from premature aging and to reduce cancer risks, though research is still underway to make these beliefs more conclusive.