The Journey of Steph Curry: Faith & Family

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Add another championship on the belt of Steph Curry’s NBA career. After their 2017 NBA Finals win, Curry earned two championships in three years. Not too bad!

Curry’s three-point shots are automatic. When he pulls up for the long shot, you can bank thank it’s going in. The 2015 NBA season just came to an end on June 16th with the Golden State Warriors as champions; Curry led the team as the starting point guard. Although his shot is as smooth as butter, his journey to becoming an NBA champion was anything but.

As a kid, Steph Curry would watch his father, Dell Curry, play for the Charolette Hornets. He was a 6’4’’ shooting guard, making over 1200 three-point shots in sixteen seasons. “I remember on school nights, wishing I could go to the game. My mom said ‘No, you can’t go to the game on school nights because we won’t get home until 11 or 12.’ When he had Friday or Saturday night games, that was the biggest deal to us. We knew were going to the game that night.”

Watching his father play influenced him, “I was a competitive guy. I loved all of the sports I played, but there was something about basketball and doing what your day did. It had more of a draw to it.” By eighth grade, Curry decided he wanted to play college ball. Unfortunately, by his sophomore year of high school, he stood only 5’6’’, weighing 125 pounds.

Because he lacked strength, he developed a shot style in which he shot from his waist (easy to block). It took an entire summer of shot repitions to improve his shooting form. Even with a new and improved shot, college recruiters thought he was too small. Finally, Davidson College in North Carolina recruited him. Explained by the head coach, “The big schools didn’t recruit him because of his appearance, I think. His size. His stature. People just saw him as a guard that was a dime a dozen.”

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For his first game, Curry had 9 turnovers in the first half, but led his team to win it. Since that game, Curry was a dominant scorer in the NCAA. Still his father had doubts. “We passed the coach in the airport, and he tells me and my wife, ‘Your son’s going to make a lot of money from this game one day’. I’m thinking, ‘maybe overseas’.”

By Curry’s Sophomore season, he grew to 6’3’’. As the leading scorer of the league, he was declared for the 2009 NBA draft, drafted to the Golden State Warriors.

During his rookie-year season, Curry took second place for “Rookie of the Year”. Sadly,…