BAEcation: Top 5 Places You Should See Together

Image: Travel Noire

Every vacation includes two things, food, and discovery. Add a bit of love to that equation and watch it transform your experience to a new level. Places you’ve been time and time again will show you new colors, the delicacies will taste even sweeter, and the exploration will become something brand new. When you’re with bae, nothing can ruin your time in these top 5 places you should see together:

Image: Essence

Your Hometown
Taking a trip down memory lane with your significant other for the very first is eye-opening. Visiting your hometown for holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas is always fun, especially if he’s never heard of it. With the double take of them meeting your entire family for the first time and showing them the place you had your first kiss, the trip will make endless new memories for the two of you.