Breast Cancer Symptoms That Aren’t Lumps

Perform a breast self-exam – from just about anywhere, even the shower.

“There are several ways to perform a breast self-exam. It can be done in the shower or while lying on the bed, with your arm raised above the head,” said. Dr. Watson. “You can move your hand in a circular motion to exam your breast, while applying light, medium, and heavy pressure. Of the most important thing in performing a self-breast exam, she said, “make sure that you cover all of your breast tissue. Areas that women sometimes forget to include are the underarm area and behind the nipple.”

Of course, mammogram is also a must. The American Cancer Society recommends the following cancer screening guidelines:

  • Women ages 40 to 44 should have the choice to start annual breast cancer screening with mammograms (x-rays of the breast) if they wish to do so.
  • Women age 45 to 54 should get mammograms every year.
  • Women with a history of family breast cancer (which puts them in the high risk category) should have their first mammogram 10 years before the age their family member was diagnosed.
  • Women 55 and older should switch to mammograms every 2 years, or can continue yearly screening.
  • All women should be familiar with the known benefits, limitations, and potential harms linked to breast cancer screening.

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