Eyebrow Extensions Really Exist: Will You Try It?

woman's eyebrow

Extensions come in all shapes, sizes and even forms. Lash extensions allow women to dramatically enhance their physical appearance temporarily without the need for makeup. Now, the market has introduced eyebrow extensions. This means no more powders, liners and fillers. A quick salon visit can have your eyebrows “on fleek”  as the social media world might call it.

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When it comes to facial features that are most likely to get you noticed, many beauty experts agree that the eyebrows win hands down. Well-groomed brows frame and complement your face, and fuller brows help you look more youthful.

Some women, however, are coming up short in the brow department. Hormone imbalances, years of over-tweezing, menopause, vitamin deficiencies, medical treatments like chemotherapy and thinning as a part of naturally growing older are all reasons for not being able to grow thick eyebrows naturally, reports ABC.

Eyebrow extensions to the rescue!

Similar to individual lashes, individual hairs are adhered to your brow line. “There’s a skin safe adhesive and a hair safe adhesive,”  says Courtney Buhler, owner of Lash Affair, an eyelash and eyebrow lounge in Canada. “The skin adhesive is FDA regulated and can be applied directly to the skin. It was developed for women who had gone through chemo, or with alopecia who didn’t have any brows at all.”

These hairs come in all colors, lengths and textures, and when placed correctly, look extremely natural. They can be brushed and managed just as if they were your own.

They are said to last up to three weeks depending on one’s grooming habits.

Before your first brow extension you’ll have a consultation with an expert to create your custom brow, defining the perfect shape, hair color and texture.

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This service can cost you anywhere from $30-50 for application and $12-20 for removal depending on who does them. Many people may only use this service for special occasions, as it can become costly after several sessions done twice a month.

It is amazing how a simple fix of the eyebrows can make your entire face look dramatically different. One doesn’t realize this until they get their eyebrows done after a long period of slacking on their brow grooming. The symmetry of your face has a lot to do with your eyebrows, and extensions can help get them as perfect as they could ever be.

For those who want to take care of the eyebrows the old fashioned way, here’s 3 things to remember:
1. Always apply eye product around the eye (eye brow pencil, etc) in the direction that the hair grows, up and out towards your temples. This will help the hair grow cleaner.

2. Stimulate eyebrow hair growth by brushing each eyebrow gently with an eyebrow brush for 2 minutes each day.

3. Some people have had luck regrowing lost eyebrow hair or slowing down the rate of hair loss using:

  • The juice squeezed from a fresh onion.
  • Coconut milk drained from a fresh coconut.
  • A paste made of fenugreek seeds and water.

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