From Poverty to Power: The Rise of Beyonce Writer Vincent Berry

born and raised on the East side of Detroit Michigan. The son of a preacher, he developed his interest in music early on directing the choir and leading the band. With strong roots in music and church, he quickly grew to become a singer, writer, producer, and overall musical creator. So how did the preacher’s kid make a hit song that landed on Beyonce’s album?

Originally, “Sandcastles” was a song about heartbreak that Vincent wrote to get over a terrible breakup with his ex-girlfriend. The song was his way of healing and he promised himself that this would be the last he wrote about her. One of the most painful times of his life wound up being one of the most defining moments of his career.

At the time, Vincent was homeless when his now hit song made it all the way to the ranks of Beyonce’s camp. He went from couch to couch, even sleeping in garages his car and studios as he awaited Beyonce to wrap up her project. He kept this deal a secret for more than a year until he got the call he had been waiting for.

Since the release of Lemonade and premier of “Sandcastles,” you can imagine how quickly Vincent has become one of the up and coming elites in the music industry. He is also no longer homeless and currently resides comfortably in Southern California.

With landing such a high profile job, he is now one of the industries popular writers and producers working with Alicia Keys, Big Sean, BJ The Chicago Kid, and more.

Vincent’s story is one that should inspire us all to keep working and to truly turn our lemons into lemonade (wink). Even in the midst of heartache, he used music as his outlet for expression and that made it to one of the world’s biggest stars.


Brandon Herring is a financial professional by day and ratchet scholar by night. A graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign his areas of specialty include personal finance, entrepreneurship, business, and marketing. He Is a self-proclaimed know it all with a love for his community, and seeks to contribute philanthropically through financial education amongst African Americans.