Home Health & Wellness Services

designing programs that can be completed in home or nearby without the need for a full gym or training facility.

What are some benefits of having health and wellness services delivered right to your doorstep? We all know the saying, “time is money”, well in home health and wellness services certainly save time. The minutes, or hours, you typically spend in a busy office waiting rooms or in traffic become nonexistent when your provider comes to you. Time spent, or wasted, is a major deterrent for many who may need care but hesitate to seek it.

Another benefit to in-home providers is care customized to fit your life. Care delivered in your home or office setting can also be personalized to your specific needs based on your lifestyle and home or work configuration. In addition, practitioners may be able to identify home or work factors that may be altered to improve overall function when care is delivered on site.

Privacy is another major benefit of in-home care. With your practitioner coming to your place of preference you have control over who else may or may not be present. This can create an increased sense of security and safety for those hesitant about personal information being compromised.

Saving time, increased personalization and autonomy are all major benefits of having your health or wellness services provided in your home or place of preference. It is important to note that many of these in-home services may not be covered by traditional insurance or Medicare plans. Not every condition is suitable for in-home health care and you should consult with your primary care provider before undergoing any supplemental or medical treatments or therapies.


Dr. Kevin Kinney, board certified and licensed Chiropractic Physician featured on INSIDER.com, TheTodayShow.com & BlackDoctorsMatter.org. Connect with Dr. Kev at drkevinkinney.com or @DrDuval904