Do More Of This For A Sexier Body

Woman stretching on track
The primary goal of working out and eating right for most people (aside from the substantial health benefits, that is)? To achieve a  more attractive, sexier body, right?

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So what are some easy, and less boring, ways to help you achieve a hot body…faster?

More Stretching

Don’t just do a quick overall stretch that takes no more than 30 seconds. Take at least 10-15 a day to stretch your body,  making sure to hit every muscle group. Flexibility not only helps to prevent injuries, but it helps to lengthen muscles. An easy tool to help you stretch? A wall. Why, you can use it for balance and support, and to help you challenge your muscles.

One great exercise is the wall straddle: Lie face up with your butt as close to a wall as possible, then reach your legs to the ceiling, allowing them to lean against the wall. Slowly allow your legs to open out to the sides, letting gravity pull your legs toward the floor. Hold for 5 minutes.

More Playing

Have small children? Take advantage of the playground! Hang on the bars or other swing set equipment. Play around, work your shoulders, do some pull-ups or simply hang upside down. While you’re fighting to prevent yourself from falling, you’re increasing your muscle control.

More Fun Cardio

The key to cardio is trying to have fun with it because while running on a treadmill may work for some people, most people find it boring and monotonous, which makes it harder for them to keep up with it. Find something fun to do, such as varying your movements, while you’re using cardio equipment. Even better – try a cardio class that will help keep you engaged and entertained.

More Pilates

Take Pilates classes more often, or invest in a Pilates DVD. Why? It focuses on building the core and having long, lean muscles.

More Sexiness

We’re not saying to dress like a porn star while you’re working out, but there’ s nothing wrong with showing a little skin on occasion. The benefit of this? It helps you to feel more appreciative of how beautiful your body is. And the better you feel about your body, the more likely you are to want to take great care of it.

More Water

When you exercise, you increase the needs of your muscles.  To help meet those needs, hydration is a necessity. In addition, water reduces your appetite, flushes out lactic acid build-up, and helps your body feel and look better.