Jamie Foxx's Top 3 Things He Had To Unlearn

…hurts the art and that’s the only thing that’s going to survive. That’s the tricky part: how do you navigate through the world and still be an artist?” Whether you’re an artist or an accountant the advice is the same: take the long view when it comes to your career. And whenever you need to learn a new way of working in order to climb the ladder, you should also ask yourself which of your current habits need to be put out to pasture.

Unlearn Doing It How You’ve Always Done It

In the gym – much like in his work – Foxx recognizes the importance of seeing the bigger picture. Even in his forties he’s still updating his workout routine, under the supervision of strength coach Jack Manson (jackmanson.com). “I’d been doing bench presses my whole life,” says Foxx. “The chest, the front – but I hadn’t been working my back, so it made me hunch forward.” Manson had him working on his back and core, building real strength rather than mirror muscle, and improving his posture. Make Foxx’s principles work for you by following this total-body session. Then spread the news.

Pairing his intense workouts with a low-carbohydrate, high fiber and high protein diet, he says a typical training day starts with a breakfast of toast, two pieces of turkey bacon and orange juice followed by a sandwich on pita bread and a protein shake for lunch. Post workout, he has another protein shake and keeps dinner light with a meal of fish and vegetables. “I’ll cheat a little bit,” he admits, “but then I just have to bust my a– on the other side.”