Over 260,000 iPhone Cases Recalled Due To Chemical Burns

(Photo credit: Digi Trends)

Nearly 275,000 iPhone cases that contain glitter suspended in liquid are being recalled after reports of leakage that caused burns and skin irritation.

The cases made by MixBin Electronics LLC of Hamilton, NJ, are for iPhone models 6, 6s, and 7, and were sold in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The liquid and glitter inside the cases can leak and cause skin irritation and chemical burns.

Worldwide, there have been 24 reports of injury. Of those, 19 were in the United States. One person reported chemical burns and swelling to her face, neck, leg, upper body, chest and hands, and another reported permanent scarring from a chemical burn. Another consumer reported permanent scarring from a chemical burn, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The 24 recalled cases were sold in many colors and styles, and they contain liquid and glitter that floats in a plastic case.

The cases were sold nationwide online and in stores through Amazon, Nordstrom Rack, Henri Bendel, MixBin, Victoria’s Secret, and Tory Burch. The cases cost about $15 to $65 and were for sale from October 2015 to June 2017. The product’s packaging displays the model number and UPC code.

The following model numbers and UPC codes with case descriptions have been recalled:

Amazon and MixBin Nordstrom Rack:
MBH17-050-C1 / 856472006930 Rose Gold
MBH17-050-C3-O1 / 56472006947 Clear
MBH17-050-C3-O2 / 56472006923 Silver
MBH17-050-C2 / 856472006916 Black
Henri Bendel:
1000281939/400000648538 Party Girls
0000300133/400001881675 Girl with Heart
0000300729/400001992357 Center Stripe
Tory Burch:
36246 / 190041337545 Island Confetti
Victoria’s Secret:
22981035 / 667540177601 Holiday Snow
23136828 / 667541590553 Bombshell Ombre Snow
23142231 / 667541621530 Snow
23141657 / 667541763834 Star
23244791 / 667542590262 Clear Sparkling
23239365 / 667542590255 Gold
23186945 / 667542076001 Waterfall Pink
23186946 / 667542076018 Waterfall Pink (larger)
23273349 / 667542836421 Lip Snow
23273348 / 667542836414 Stripe + Pink
23305194 / 667543128648 Paris Snow
23305192 / 667543128624 Leopard Snow
23305195 / 667543128655 XO Victoria Multi

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