3 Areas Of The Body To Stretch To Be Flexible At Any Age

Pregnant African woman practicing yoga
A joint is where two bones meet. As we get older, the tissue in between joints begins to contract, or shrink. This makes the joint stiff and harder to move, limiting its range of motion. When you don’t have full range of motion in a joint, you’re forced to make smaller movements. This can set you up for an injury.

So here are three areas of the body to focus on so that you get older you can forgo stiffness, limits of motion and injury.

1. Shoulders: The shoulder is the most mobile and complicated joint of the body. It pushes, pulls, lifts and rotates. If all you ever do with it is to reach across the table for the salt or hold a phone up to your ear, most of the tissues and muscles of your shoulder are not being used. It will be hard and painful to reach up to get something from an overhead shelf or catch yourself if you ever start to fall.