#WeSeeYou: Couple Turns Grieving Into Giving

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Like many beautiful, young couples in love, George and Suheily Davis were on the fast track to building a loving family. They were married in November 2013 and a month later Suheily was pregnant. For eight and a half months, Suheily and George prepared to welcome their little girl, Cadence.

They celebrated not one, but two beautiful baby showers from friends and family. These first-time parents were overwhelmed with support and it seemed like they had everything they needed to bring their little one into this world.

A 3D ultrasound in July of 2014, would give them a clearer image of their baby girl, but it was during that appointment technicians inform the couple they could not find a heartbeat for Cadence.

Suheily delivered Cadence who was stillborn.

The couple returned home from the hospital to constant reminders; Baby shower deliveries, unused clothes and a nursery that was nearly finished.

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While the Davis’ tried to figure out what to do with all the gifts they’d been showered with, this unthinkable tragedy turned into a spark of hope for others.

At that moment is when “The Perfect Cadence” was born.

The Perfect Cadence is a non-profit with a goal of supporting families who have been through similar situations and providing for expecting couples that can’t afford to be showered with baby gifts.

According to the website, the courageous parents beautifully state:
We continue to mourn her loss daily but one thing that brought us comfort in the hospital room during her delivery, at the cemetery during her burial, and that continues to bring us comfort every day, is the knowledge of how much she was loved even before she entered this world. The memories and pictures of our shower bring us so much joy and peace, despite the confusion and pain from her loss. Cadence was one loved baby and we know she would want other babies to feel that love and welcoming energy too!

Through The Perfect Cadence we will provide celebrations for families who, for whatever reason, do not have the same village and/or resources that we have been blessed with. We also want to support families that have had a loss both at the time of their loss and when they try again to add to their family!

But that’s not the end of the story for the Davis’. While still morning the loss of their stillborn, they received some unexpected news.

In August of this year, the Davis’ welcomed their son, William Khari.

As the Davis’ raise their son, they continue to build their organization with the support of friends and…