The Powerful Word That Can Change Your Sex Life

playful couple woman in control

The word “yes” is powerful because it grants access to anything in life you desire to experience, but rarely does one often think about how the word yes can improve their sex life. During sex there is a lot that is taken for granted or simply assumed because both people are hot and ready to go, but for women it is important to grant permission to not only open up sexually but to become comfortable during the experience. So how exactly can saying yes and granting permission improve a woman’s sexual experiences?  Continue reading to find out more.

Releases guilt about receiving pleasure

Women tend to hold on to a certain amount of guilt as it pertains to the enjoyment of sex. Society doesn’t openly encourage women to enjoy sex in the same manner that men do, but it’s not up to the world to give a woman permission over her own body. Women must learn how to say yes to themselves in order for their minds to be connected to the sexual experience.