Usher: Stronger, Wiser & All Grown Up

… cut out carbs by taking on Dr. Gundry’s “Matrix” diet, which requires a “very specific regimented style of eating,” he says.

The star ate five to six small meals a day – fish, blueberries and pistachios were often on the menu – and worked out a “three per day” pattern for his workouts, which included running, swimming, biking and fighting amateur boxers in the boxing gym (where he also trained with Leonard).

“Once you clean your body out and really get accustomed to eating that type of food, you see the results and you feel better.”

While he’s still trying to stay healthy, the Grammy winner jokes he’s now working on a “new role” called “Usher Ray” and has become a little more lax.

“The first 20 lbs. are the hardest in the world,” he says. “When you get into that year of work and you created goals and met them, you don’t want to go back and completely fall off the wagon. But Usher Ray likes to have cookies on occasion.”

Usher on Sex

Usher admitted that “made love to his own music.” No, for real! Usher also revealed he likes to set the mood when he’s wooing a lady. He went on to describe his sexual playlist as including the following:

– Teddy Pendergrass
– Luther Vandross
– Marvin Gaye
– Usher

And since 2015, Usher is giving all of that playlist to his wife, Grace Miguel Raymond. “She’s a great woman. She has a beautiful soul,” Usher confesses.

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