Why I Am Taking A 30 Day Break From Dating… #ReclaimingMyTime

Dating for me is hard.

If it was easy, I would be in a loving, healthy, happy relationship right now. But…. I am not!

It is not just me, a lot of my friends feel the same way.

For me, I do not like a lot of people. I may go out and meet people but there is not any connection. I do not feel the connection there to want to kiss most people (in the future not when I meet them lol), which is a sign that romantically I do not want to be with them.

The romance department is different than any other area of my life.

If I work hard and meet my deadlines, my business is booming. If I work out and eat right my body is tight.

If I use my calm app, pray and do devotions my spiritual mindset is right.

If I plan my schedule to volunteer I am all set with my volunteer needs.