Women Are Using Vicks Vapor Rub For Hair Growth

(Photo credit: Vicks.com)

Okay, so wait…say what now?

So we’ve seen our fair share of non-traditional beauty trends for hair that go from simple to just down right weird. Some women use something simple as mango juice on their scalp to Monistat vaginal cream in order help their hair grow. But when we started hearing about a number of Black women using Vicks VapoRub–yes hunny, that Vicks.

The same Vick’s that your mama would slather on your chest at night when you were a child to get rid of your chest cold.
The same Vick’s that you would put on your upper lip to start making your nose run when it was stuffed up.
The same Vick’s that smelled like the old-folks home where Big Mama’s friends used to live and she’d take you with her to go visit.
Yes, THAT Vick’s.

When we read that Black women were using it–some are putting it straight on their scalp, others mixing it with their favorite hair grease or pomade. So we had to go find some receipts to see if it really worked.

A quick Google search of “Vicks VapoRub hair” and over 500,000 results show up, including 35,000 YouTube video. One particular video touting Vick’s magical hair growth properties was posted by Mesha on her MakeupMeisha youtube channel (see video below).

So what’s in Vick’s vapor rub that might make it stimulate hair growth?

Eucalyptus – an essential oil that stimulates hair follicles and prevents dandruff and an itchy scalp. The oil also strengthens and improves the elasticity of hair, and controls an oily scalp.

Camphor – is an essential oil that is cooling, refreshing, and improves circulation when applied topically.

Lavender – an essential oil that also improves circulation and is very effective in the treatment of hair loss (especially alopecia).

Menthol – clears the pores of irritants so that hair can grow easily. You can find menthol in a lot of shampoos and conditioners.

With all of these powerful ingredients, it’s no wonder Vicks is being used for more than draining a runny nose or get rid of a chest cold. Not only are women applying the ointment to their scalps, they are applying it to their eyebrows as well.

Now, we need to issue a warning to those who try to apply it close to their eyes: be sure to keep it clear of your…