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    What Does It Mean To Die Of Natural Causes?

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    Sherman Hemsley, the star of The Jeffersons and Amen, recently died, and it was quickly determined that he died of natural causes. Many people were left wondering what exactly a natural death is.

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    Generally, this description is used when seniors pass, but actually, age isn’t the only factor – someone in their 20’s can die of natural causes.

    So what does this term actually mean?

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    What is a natural death?

    In medicine, death by natural causes is a loosely-defined term used by coroners and on death certificates and associated documents describing death when the cause of death was one primarily attributed to natural agents, or is not apparent given medical history or circumstances: usually an illness or an internal malfunction of the body.

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    For example, a person dying from complications from influenza (an infection) or a heart attack (an internal body malfunction) would be listed as having died of natural causes.

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