Get Your Glitter On!

set of glitter in plastic containers( — From Halloween to New Year’s Eve, the holiday season means glittering lights – in your home, on the street, and on you, too! Sparkle through the holidays with some well-chosen glitter, gloss, and shimmer makeup.

Glitter Makeup

Eyes: Look Modern

Sprinkled all over lids, glitter can look garish. But makeup artists agree that a small amount applied close to the base of the upper lashes is unexpected and modern. For this look, draw on a glittery liquid eyeliner from the inner- to the outermost corners of your lids. Then, using a finger or a cotton swab, dab a bit of matching powder eye shadow over the line. Layering powder on liquid not only produces a soft finish but also helps color last.

On Nails: Look Classy